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Match Point – new adrenaline-fueled game for the online operations.

Match Point – new adrenaline-fueled game for the online operations.

Match Point

Inbet Games are delighted to present our top notch betting novelty for sportsbook fans and sports betting lovers, – the ultimate thrill booster Match Point.  Comprised in our White Label portfolio of online games, Match Point is a fantastic, adrenaline-fueled game that will captivate your players with its capacity to keep the suspense and goal scores rising and hitting high points, promising tremendous bonuses and rewards.

The game features a football field layout, where at from the top of the field balls are released and sent bouncing straight and across the field while on their route to hit or miss the gate on the opposite side. Some balls land in the gate, some are turned away by a goalkeeper, and other ones are won back by attackers.

When balls are regained by attackers, they become skill shots. A red moving arrow pointing to the direction of a ball trajectory emerges at the feet of an attacking player. This is the exact opportune time for your players to prove their skill and become a football legend! With a click on the arrow, your players kick the ball sending in on its daring path to attempt scoring a goal.

Every scored goal is aligned with a specific multiplier selected by RNG. The highest value goals are ranked as “gold” and multiply the score from 10 up to 500 times! Any lower value goals are counted as standard.

In addition, players can accumulate up to 20 bonus match rounds in a case when all 3 LED panels on the bottom sides of the field are activated with bouncing balls. Moreover, if a player’s prowess leads him to win back nine skill shots with one attacker,  an option of “Auto-playing” is activated, which yields a  90% RTP rate.

What is there to wait for?  Give your persevering players a magnificent chance on the utmost goal scorer reward and enjoy a high score of your online bookshop’s rising revenues with Inbet’s Match Point!

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