Sea Dogs

Inbet Games is excited to introduce Sea Dogs, a new, thrilling, sea-battle themed retail game on our Lima platform, also available on  –  Dynamically Animated Real Events Betting System (DAREBS).

The game will absorb your adventure-minded players into a realm of betting on defeating a pirate ship. Featuring an appealing layout of a blue seascape navigated by white-canvased sailing ships, and divided by numbered cells designating values from 0 to 36, the game resembles the European Roulette style properties and governed by Roulette gaming principles.

Players can make a variety of bets on different numbers, and at the end of a ship’s steering wheel spinning period, the statistics chart will emerge indicating the matched odds and the total amount of winnings.

As DAREBS does not involve RNG, Sea Dogs is an ideal option to help your betting business generate higher revenues in any regulatory jurisdiction, and keep your players at their maximum engagement level at all times!