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Sportsbetting and gambling in Nigeria

Sportsbetting and gambling in Nigeria

The landscape of Nigerian gambling market


Nigerian gambling industry is growing rapidly, and it is estimated that in the next five years, Nigeria will become one of the fastest-growing African countries in terms of gambling.


As the Nigerian government attempts to improve the climate for doing business in Nigeria and bring in more tourists into the country, a largely unregulated Nigerian gambling market attracts many players to indulge in all kinds of betting and casino gambling.   Nigerian gambling industry market was expected to rise to $62 million, according to PwC’s Gaming report, 2015-2019.


Nigerian gambling industry is in need of a major overhaul. As spelled out by the 1990 Criminal Code Act Most forms of gambling are illegal in Nigeria. However, as the Act puts it “certain “games of skill “such as poker, black-jack, roulette,  video-slots, skill-based card games, backgammon, sports betting, pool, as well as the national lottery, are legal.


The law also makes a provision for the state monopoly to run betting pools and racing totes. Despite that Criminal Code Act, however, the nation hosts three land-based licensed casinos, where you will come across all types of games, – even slots.


Online gambling is not regulated in any way in Nigeria, as the law does not make any provisions concerning it, and as such, it is interpreted, as “what is not forbidden is legal”. It is doubtful that any changes governing online gambling will be introduced to the 1990 Criminal Code act any time soon.


While there are no officially registered and operating online casinos in Nigeria, there a great deal of those that are operated by and accessible through offshore companies. This is customary for most who gamble online with online casinos, poker rooms, bingo sites, sports betting sites and others such as live dealer casinos.


Inbet’s betting and table games are the products of choice for Nigerians


Many Nigerians are huge fans of sports – particularly football, rugby, basketball, and they are very enthusiastic about betting on their favorite teams, players, contest outcome and more options. It was estimated in the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) and quoted by that “60 million Nigerians between 18 and 40 years of age spend more than1 billion NGN(2,776,136.75 USD) daily on sports betting”.


Inbet Games boasts a great range of retail and online betting products to choose from that will satisfy any betting taste.


The Dynamically Animated Real Events Betting Systems –DAREBS presents fantastic options for making bets on live sports events.


An innovative platform for the broadcasting of Live (In-Play) and Pre-Match Sports Events and Virtual Games on TV screens.

More than 30 mesmerizing 3D virtual games such as Virtual Football, 3D Tron, Penalty Kick, Motor Race – all featuring vivid, bright and stunning graphics and resolution to provide Nigerian sports betting fans with the utmost sports betting experience.


For those who enjoy poker rooms and table games, Inbet Games also offers an exciting variety of games such as Poker Hold’em, Poker Omaha, BlackJack, Wheel of Fortune, Live Roulette and more options, giving players a chance to double their wins and providing bookmakers with great tools to increase their revenues.


Online-offline divide eliminated with Inbet


You can easily indulge in all kinds of betting in Nigeria, and having a land-based bookmaker shop in Nigeria is a lucrative business. A bookmaker can also help his players extend their gaming entertainment by letting them play from home or any other location of their choice.


In this regard, Inbet Games offers a unique revenue booster to Nigerian bookmakers – ATOMIC platform. The ATOMIC platform is designed to boost bookmakers’ revenues providing their players with options of enjoying playing at any location and at any time.


Using an advanced design, Inbet’s ATOMIC platform facilitates the consolidation of multiple player’s accounts into one across all products and channels, while making the account accessible through multiple interfaces. Fully customizable, user-friendly and featuring a portfolio of over 1000  from leading suppliers in the gaming industry,  Inbet’s ATOMIC platform provides players with the ultimate gaming experience letting them enjoy their playing at any preferred location.


For those Nigerian players who love to have fun playing online, Inbet Games has a fantastic solution: the extensive White Label platform for online gaming that comprises over 1000 uniquely tailored slots, casino, betting and lottery games.


The platform is now available for integration in 17 languages of the world. The platform is fitted with multiple states of the art, modern online casino functions such as “favorites”, “best, last and recommended games”, “top games”, wide players data”,  “detailed game statistics with graphs” and more are available to bring a top of the line gaming experience to your Nigerian players and boost your online gaming operation profits.





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