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Enhancing revenue of a retail shop in Bulgaria

Enhancing revenue of a retail shop in Bulgaria

Over the last decade, the number of stores and the turnover of modern retail companies in Bulgaria has been growing. An overview of retail industry trends in Bulgaria indicated that it is becoming more and more competitive – the companies are fighting intensively for their market shares.  According to Global Data forecast report, in 2016, retail sales stood at Lv27.7 billion and were projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.0% during 2016-2021to reach Lv33.7 billion by 2021.


Internet retailing also indicates a very strong growth in Bulgaria because of a wide-reaching internet access and a prolific use of smartphones. The rise of internet retailing is having an increasingly profound effect on the development of retailing across all channels.


If you own a retail shop in Bulgaria, would you like to retain your customers and attract new ones in your land-based operations? Give your business a boost?


If the answer is yes, then Inbet Games’ innovative, omni-channel platform ATOMIC is here to do the work for you.


Whatever your small business is – a shop, a café, internet-shop, a gas station, – you can boost your income with an innovative shop/café software – omni-channel Atomic Platform from Inbet Games. Featuring 600+ premium games, the platform provides your players with one player account for multiple devices, which gives your customers the freedom of playing wherever they want.  You can order a demo, install Inbet’s admin panel without any additional software costs and start increasing your revenues.


When offering a merchandise in your shop, offer your customers a special pin code to play games free as an incentive. This will stimulate your sales, attract new customers and provide your enterprise with higher revenues!

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