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Increasing Turkish retail outlets’ sales

Increasing Turkish retail outlets’ sales

Turkey’s retail trade dropped 6.9 percent year-on-year in April 2019, following a downward decline in the subsequent months since January December 2018. In December 2018, a currency crisis wiped 28 percent off the value of the Turkish and Turkey’s retail sales suffered worst drop on record, sliding 9.2 percent from 12-month  period and making annual inflation surge to more than 20 percent.

Food is the second biggest expense item in Turkish households, and around 80% of total expenses for food are made through traditional channels. Small retailers such as grocery shops make a significant turnover due to experience in the local market, occupation of locations easily accessible by customers, and deep-rooted consumers habits.


However, organised retail represents 23% of the overall food retail industry while organised non-food retail has a 49% share of total retail turnover.


Developing insights into consumers shopping behaviours and profiles becoming more important with every passing day. As in the rest of the world, retailers in Turkey gain a competitive edge when thety analyse consumer profiles, habits, and behaviours and shape their strategies accordingly, providing them with special stimulating activities and offers.


What should be done in order to increase the revenue and stimulate sales in the retail shops? How to attract customers and bring sales up?

Launch a distinctive and competitive campaings, loyalty programs, provide higher quality products at more affordable rates, motivate customers by providing them free cards for playing at home online.


Offering your customers to play free will attract more customers to your business and boost your products’ sales. You can also do a promotion of certain products this way, adding a free bonus card for playing along with the purchase of a certain product.

If you own a small retail business in Turkey – be it an internet shop, a magazine kiosk, or a café – you can install Inbet’s admin panel without any additional software costs.


Unique software platform ATOMIC from Inbet Games with 600+ premium games gives your business a boost. Just offer a player card with a pin code free to your customers as an incentive when they make purchases at your shop.


Using one player login (a player card and PIN), your customers can refill his account and withdraw money through your cashier. This will definitely increase customer’s retention.


Inbet’s advanced, omni- channel platform ATOMIC will encourage your customers to come back and make more purchases from your shop, thus making your revenues grow multifold!




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