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Ghanaian gambling industry on the rise

Ghanaian gambling industry on the rise


Ghana offers one of the world’s most diverse options and favorable climate for gambling industry. The gambling industry has grown across Ghana over the last few years as a result of government attempts to attract gaming tourists and increase tax revenues.

Washed by the Atlantic Ocean, Ghana is the West African country with a population of about 30 million people. All types of gambling are legal in Ghana, and it is regulated by the Ghana Gaming Commission with the exception of the National Lottery, which is administered by the state-run National Lottery Authority. The Gaming Commission is in charge of licensing and monitoring gambling operations as well as enforcing regulations enshrined in the Gaming Act 721.The Gaming Act 721 was adopted in 2006, and it legalized all forms of games of chance in Ghana except Lottery.

The first piece of legislation came in 1960, which introduced the Lotteries Betting Act.   The Gambling Machines Act of 1973 and the Casino Licensing Act of 1975 were all pieces of legislation, which gave a legal foundation for the industry.There is no direct provision for online gambling and sports betting, however the absence of these provisions does not preclude a pervasive online gambling and sports betting throughout Ghana.

Many sources indicate that lottery is the most common form of gambling in Ghana. Ghana’s national lottery is drawn by the National Lottery Authority (NLA). The NLA has had a monopoly over lotteries for around 50 years. The NLA’s lottery tickets are sold at numerous offices spread across the country.

There are many land-based casinos in Ghana, most of them are in the capital city if Accra, which hosts six casinos. One of them is the prestigious La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and the Piccadilly Casino. These casinos offer the most popular casino games like poker, roulette and blackjack amongst others. Victory Casino in Accra is the largest casino in the country: it has 1300gaming and video poker machines!


Casinos and lottery are the most popular types of gambling platforms available in Ghana. However, besides the casino and lottery gambling, sports betting has been picking up a fast pace, which set the industry booming in the African region, including Ghana. With laws for sports betting in place, Ghanaians can enjoy the excitement of betting on NFL, European Football, NBA, and other games.


It appears that betting shops are springing up all over the country every day. Betting and gambling have become a multimillion-dollar business here. The growth of sports betting in Ghana has seen more than five well-known betting companies set up betting shops here in the past few years. These companies include Premier betting, Safari, Beltway and others. Many property owners take advantage of the trend, and hurry to open gaming centers on Ghana streets.. These shops are open 24/, and anyone can place a bet right then or use their mobile application to bet online.


Due to the rising expansion of high-speed internet, the popularity of online gambling has been growing tremendously. From numerous online lotteries to the most interesting and intricate slots and poker games, – all can be accessed without any restrictions by Ghana players.


According to various open statistics sources, there are around 283 Ghanaian websites  that accept wagers in Ghana. This includes 185 online casinos, 18 online poker sites, 34 online sportsbooks, 19 online bingo, 25 online mobile casinos, 4 online lottos and 2 online DFS.


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