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Cameroon’s gaming industry on the rise

Cameroon’s gaming industry on the rise

Cameroon is located on the east coast of Africa with a population of about 22 million people. Gambling is legal here, but not properly regulated.


There are three land-based casino establishments in the country, as well as several smaller gambling facilities. Some of them operate illegally. The largest casino in Cameroon is Hilton Hotel Casino, which is located in Yaoundé. The other two are in Doula:  Le Meridien Hotel & Casino and the Treasure Hunter casino. According to various statistics, there are a total of 116 slot machines and 14 table games combined at the three casinos, however, there are more slot machines at other facilities spread across the country and operating illegally. Most gambling halls make their money from tourists who come to see unique landscapes of Cameroon and enjoy gambling.


Cameroonians enjoy various types of gambling   including casinos, poker, and sports betting. Betting on sports appears to be the most popular form of gambling in the country, particularly betting on football and horseracing.


The first piece of legislature that legalized gambling in Cameroon was enacted in 1990, and then it was modified in 2005. In 2005, the so-called Finance Law was adopted, which introduced stricter rules on licensing and higher taxes on various types of gambling. For example, 15% income tax was imposed on gambling operators.


However, no provisions were made concerning online gambling. Therefore, online gambling is largely unregulated here, and the government turns a blind eye to it.


One of the main reasons for this is that the internet penetration rate is quite low in Cameroon, compared to other African countries such as Nigeria or Kenya. It is estimated that only 5% to 10% of all Cameroonians have access to internet. Nevertheless, due to constant advancements in digital technologies, the number of internet users here is starting to rise quickly. The list of foreign gambling websites that accept Cameroonian players is also growing.


Inbet’s solutions ready to help the industry grow


Inbet Games presents a wide range of retail and online betting products that can be offered to Cameroonians as well as tourists visiting the country.


Cameroonian players can pass their time in bookmaking shops enjoying placing bets on live and pre-match sports events, and playing Inbet’s outstanding sports-themed virtual games such as Penalty Kick, Velodrome, Virtual Football and more on wide TV screens supported by Inbet’s VProduct platform. All these virtual games are also presented in Inbet’s fantastic virtual lobby and available to online operators via rapid and smooth API integration to carry Cameroonian players away with their amazing graphics and animation.


For those who enjoy poker rooms and table games, Inbet Games also offers a great variety of table games such Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune, Live Roulette, Poker Omaha, Poker Hold’em, and more, providing  players with  the utmost gaming thrill  and bookmakers with  unmatched  tools for driving their revenues up.


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