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Building a Successful Business: Users Retention with CRM options

User retention

Building a Successful Business: Users Retention with CRM options

In any business, having a loyal customer base is the key growth driver. But for online casinos, there is fierce competition, and winning customers itself is a difficult task. So, retaining them becomes the number one priority. You need a long-term customer retention plan for your white label gambling site to survive. 

Fortunately, a few providers understand the business like the back of their hand. Such players integrate CRM options in their systems to enable operators to gain an edge over their competitors and inflate ROI.


What is CRM?

In the igaming industry, where casinos try to outdo each other on promotional offers, some players are creative. They become bonus hunters.  Exploiting the bonus is their only interest. Once they are done, they leave, never to come back. Thus, customer retention is much more difficult here than it sounds. Still, an online casino’s viability relies on how well it retains users. So, how do you handle your customers? 

The answer is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM defines a set of tactics companies use to manage interactions with their customers and target group. If well implemented, these strategies create a relationship between a casino and its customers. In the end, improves customer service, increase sales, and, hence, generates more profits.


Why a white label gambling site integrate CRM system

Researchers have demonstrated that CRM is a useful tool in retaining casino customers and improving growth. It’s simple. These systems study customer behaviour and collect data. With this information, casino operators tailor their marketing approaches to keep customers.


As a casino operator, CRM systems tell you what to do to attract customers and how to retain them. It does this by helping you provide better customer service, and increase your cross-sales. Besides, they have inbuilt mechanisms to tell if your campaigns are yielding results, and if not, what you should improve.


Even so, not all white label gambling site CRM systems work the same way. But the ones we have tested like InBet Games, have demonstrated high efficiency. 


InBet CRM system includes a data analytics system that collects essential data relating to the players. Such information consists of the frequency of visits, the game they play, time spent at the site, and the frequency of deposits. 


With this data, a casino operator can profile the players and segment them to customize promotions and rewards. InBet Game integrated CRM system helps predict player behaviour. For example, you can tell which player has had a run of losses. You can prevent them from leaving by giving them a cashback bonus. 



The roles of CRM system includes:

  • Collects and store player data
  • Creates and keep track of new leads
  • Streamline marketing strategies
  • Analyze data and segment customers
  • Organize client communications

White label gambling sites by InBet Games create segments and send emails and messages right from the management panel. So, you can quickly reach your audience, notify them about your promotion and thus retain or bring them back to boost your revenue.



In a nutshell, the CRM system collects data and shares it with your different departments. Therefore, you don’t make decisions blindly but based on collected data. Some white label gambling site providers like InBet understand this. So, they integrate the CRM system into their package. With streamlined operations and customized marketing strategies, come more sales and increased profitability.


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