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Dynamically Animated Real Events Betting System

Generate regular extra income from your Betting Shop!

What makes DAREBS Unique?

The combination of a real betting experience and

attractive visuals delivers a superior performance

for the players and encourages further dwell time!

New solution. Smart.

Agile. Certified.

How to empower your business?

Regulated and trusted

A fully-regulated product that comes with bookmaking license.

  • Certified by BMM test labs, Ezu, Pagcor, GLI and Itech Lab
  • Curacao-licensed

The offering is 100% compliant with all jurisdictional requirements.

The system has been up-and-running in various jurisdictions for many years including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and South Africa.

Innovative technology

  • The product’s software platform Lima is fully flexible.
  • Can be installed on any operating system
  • CRM is incorporated
  • Plug-in-and-play cashier and administrator interfaces with options for customization including animation settings and jackpot size

Real events betting in real time with no RNG

A fully-regulated product that comes with bookmaking license.

  • Events outcomes displayed in real time
  • Full outcome history available and openly available online
  • Transparent bet acceptance on positioning of aerial vehicles
  • Airplane positioning provided in real time by FlightAware and AirNav and

Enhance player engagement

Operators have over 120 animations to choose from to encourage greater customer engagement and dwell time.

All the graphics for InBet Games’ software come with an underlying rationale. Each digit combination corresponds with a particular symbol and each symbol represents a graphic image. Every bet event is displayed as a graphic or sequence of images.

The outcome of every event is denoted in a unique digit combination and displayed on screen in the gaming hall.

The data on each symbol represents a specific digit combination and is open for public access.

Available globally

Customizable jackpots

Any peripherals

50+ Currencies

Greater Engagement

Completely certified

Any form factor

24/7 tech support

Quick ROI

Reliable and stable

120+ animations

Unique business models

Highest antifraud protection

DAREBS profitability is comparable to that of a B2

and gaming terminals but without an RNG

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