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South and Central America are gaining a momentum in asserting itself as one of the top global gambling destinations. Quite a few countries here now offer a wide array of various land-based gambling options ranging from casino gaming to sports betting. However, the legal status of gambling varies from a well-defined legislature and effective governance in some countries to a vaguely defined legal framework and...

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A recent sports ruling in the US Supreme Court has now made it possible for American states to legalize sports betting and gambling. Stakeholders in the industry reacted in measured optimism. As it stands now, the new ruling means that there is room for the creation of an oversight body and it is a huge potential for a new revenue stream.The Professional and Amateur Sports...

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They say the house always wins. Yet gaming is a very competitive industry in which betting shops in the UK and Ireland heavily compete for the best clients. Finding ways to increase revenue is a top priority.The BasicsCasinos and betting shops earn a profit by offering games of chance to their customers where the expected pay-outs are lower than the revenue generated by the overall...

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